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Bronze Packages Overview

At The Road to Mastery, we deliver driver development over the long term. As opposed to a single day in the year, we offer training as an annual package providing varied disciplines and event frequency. Each package is made up of a series of events covering Performance Road, Limit Handling and/or Circuit Driving.

Our Bronze driver development packages represent our stripped-out range. They have been devised for drivers wishing to channel funds primarily towards their development and keep unnecessary expense to a minimum. These packages start with breakfast at a suitable location ahead of each day’s event. Bronze Plus packages also include pleasant hotels and an evening meal the night before since many of our customers must travel some distance to our events. Choosing Plus variants takes the hassle out of finding a suitable hotel and eatery the night before. Additionally, you’ll have time to get to know us and set the scene before the day to follow. Typically, overnight accommodation is two or three star, where we have chosen venues offering value for money and with parking generally suitable for the cars brought by our Bronze customers.

All Bronze packages include lunch, whether at a venue or en-route on a Performance Road event. Each event closes by debriefing with the other drivers and coaches in attendance to discuss what you’ve learned and gain further perspective. You are free to set off in good time to head home or move on to your chosen accommodation for the night.

Core Packages...

Bronze Track Duo* – two individual events; one Circuit Driving and one Performance Road (usually delivered as consecutive days).

Bronze Limit Duo* – two individual events; one Limit Handling and one Performance Road (usually delivered as consecutive days).

Bronze Track Trio* – three individual events; two Circuit Driving (‘Explore’ & ‘Hone’) and one Performance Road.

Bronze Limit Trio* – three individual events; two Limit Handling (‘Explore’ & ‘Hone’) and one Performance Road.

Bronze All-Rounder* – three individual events; one Circuit Driving, one Limit Handling and a two-day** Performance Road event.

NB all events include a breakfast at the start and lunch.

*Available as Plus packages which add a pleasant hotel stay the night before each event in case you’ve travelled some distance.

**Two-day events also include a pleasant hotel stay and evening meal for the middle night as well as breakfast and lunch on day two.

Prices start from £2,495

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...and the 'Ultra' Package

Bronze Ultra – three individual two-day** events; one Circuit Driving and Performance Road back-to-back, one Limit Handling and Performance Road back-to-back and a two-day Performance Road event. Bronze Ultra includes accommodation and evening meal for the night before and middle night as well as lunches and breakfasts. It’s only just short of our Silver packages!

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Full package details and prices are available upon request.

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Looking for something different?

Go for Gold…

Budget hotels really not your thing? Price isn’t an issue, and you want the very best? Go straight for Gold and experience The Road to Mastery at its finest! What most consider as frills and extras are just the way things are done at our Gold level. You’ll be sure to meet drivers of similar standing with discretion assured where necessary. Gold events are often built completely from scratch for small groups of like-minded individuals.

Upgrade to Silver…

If you’re serious about your driver development and nicer hotels feel like good value for money, you’ll love our Silver packages. The extra time with your coaches and other enthusiasts will unlock even more from your driving and give you a chance to make friends for life. Additionally, there are some exclusive extras thrown in on Silver events that cannot be accessed on our Bronze events.

Not ready to commit to a whole Package?

Purchasing any of our driver development packages requires a commitment, both in terms of time and funds. If you’re not sure you’re ready for that, why not come along to one of our Taster Sessions? Whilst they are not so in-depth and are less driver development focused, you’ll get a chance to see how we do things and what is on offer. They’re also built with exhilaration in mind, so you’ll be sure to have a great day even if it’s just a one-off for you (or the lucky person receiving such a great gift!)

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