high performance driver training

Venues for our Events and Coaching

Since our driver development packages and coaches are not limited to one singular discipline, The Road to Mastery offers driver training events using a multitude of venues. Both Rob and Neil are quick to point out that your car doesn’t know where it is (if we ignore satnav!) and simply responds to your inputs. Nevertheless, in order to maximise the rate of your progression, venues are carefully selected to create specific conditions. This way, we can work on indiviual topics as required in an efficient and engaging manner.

Millbrook Proving Ground

At first glance, this venue may not appear as sexy as a modern Formula One racetrack in a far-flung land. On the contrary, it is far better when it comes to developing your driving! Millbrook Proving Ground is home to our Limit Handling events.

One of two world-renowned UK vehicle testing centres used by motor manufacturers from around the globe, Millbrook has some pretty special test tracks aimed at specific facets of a multitude of vehicle types. Whilst you’ll not access everything they have on offer, we use several different zones so that you can explore various aspects of your car’s performance and begin to master more of its capability.

Superb British B roads

Driving spiritedly on the open road is not what it used to be. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of pleasure to be derived and fun to be had.

We’ve dug out some of the very best local A and B roads so you don’t have to.

Our Performance Road events create optimal driving conditions using engaging and challenging roads where the focus is on technique over speed.

Enjoy the perfect blend of progression, involvement and atmosphere!

Blyton Park

One of the greatest things about Blyton Park is that it isn’t a conventional race circuit. Of course, we can run events and provide coaching on many of the UK’s racetracks, but Blyton Park is our preferred venue for our Circuit Driving events. You’re probably wondering why.

Whilst full-bore race circuits offer higher speeds, motorsport heritage and impressive pit buildings, it’s easy to get lost in adrenaline or struggle to see the racing line in the open, often featureless landscapes. The principal loop at Blyton Park only has a handful of turns and is relatively narrow. This makes it easy to learn so you can start focusing on the precision of your cornering trajectory.

With optional layouts, we can run things a little differently to mix things up or tweak the offering. It’s also set in a very pleasant and discreet rural location in the Lincolnshire countryside.

The French Alps

Some of our UK venues are dwarfed by the views, scale and overall immersion offered by some of our favourite Alpine roads.

Experience The Road to Mastery ‘on location’ as you soak up our unique multi-day driving trips. 

Well-stocked watering holes, typically French eateries and reduced emphasis on coaching add to the holiday experience.

Get a backstage pass to some hidden Alpine treasures and sample some rich local culture as a ‘local’.

UK-based Race Circuits and Airfields

We tend to use Blyton Park, in Lincolnshire, for our focused Circuit Driving events. It’s a superb and discreet venue for exploring this aspect of performance driving and honing your near-limit skills.

Once you’re looking for the next challenge – or indeed for some extra motorsport kudos and adrenaline – we’ll be delighted to accompany you to some of the wider ranging UK-based race circuits. These all have their quirks. From the intimidating Paddock Hill Bend at Brands Hatch to the narrow Armco-lined rollercoaster ride experienced at Cadwell Park and the fast, open sections of the legendary Goodwood, each presents its own challenges and learning opportunities.

We’re quick to point out that it’s easier to learn good technique in a simpler environment, but that’s not to say that we’ll hold you back form learning the lines and enjoying each track on its own merit. If you’re getting closer to going racing this is all going to be part of your own personalised development.