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Circuit Driving Events

Circuit Driving is becoming increasingly popular among the owners of performance cars and, consequently, there are offerings for all budgets. Whilst getting out there and having a go is good fun, it’s easy to overdo things and wreck a set of tyres and brakes. As well as this worry, we find that many drivers are concerned about who else is on the track and protecting their pride and joy. If you are serious about furthering your circuit driving, you’re going to get much more out of The Road to Mastery’s Circuit Driving events than simply attending regular trackdays. Not only will you receive guidance from industry-leading coaches throughout, but we’ll help you manage your car to avoid excessive wear-and-tear.

Our Circuit Driving events tend to involve exclusive hire of Blyton Park in Lincolnshire. Both fairly central to customers from all over the UK and a discrete location away from prying eyes, the ‘simple to learn, difficult to master‘ adage applies in spades. We appreciate that it’s not on the doorstep for the southern-most driving enthusiasts, but with our multi-day events and overnight stays we’ll ensure you’re fresh and suitably-fuelled for a whole day on track. Best of all, it’s just us so there won’t be loads of traffic holding you up or filling your mirrors!

– Improve your vision

– Learn balance and grip

– Develop your cornering skills

– Improve your vision

– Learn balance and grip

– Develop your cornering skills

high performance driver training

Event Levels

We offer Explore at both Blyton Park and some of the UK’s major circuits. Hone is most rewarding at Blyton Park and is our most available event level. Master is the bespoke end of the spectrum. Delivering exclusive one-to-one coaching with a specific coach across multiple days in the year, these top-of-the-line events are built to teach the intricacies of individual racetracks, chase those last tenths of a second and get you ready to go racing for yourself. These are a lifelong proposition and a chance to succeed in motorsport.

To help you get the most from the events, we tailor the classroom theory sessions to suit the previous understanding and ability of all participants in the group. As with our Limit Handling events, we offer Circuit Driving events in three levels: Explore, Hone and Master.


If you’ve never been on a track before or haven’t yet received coaching in that environment you’ll be suitably impressed by our Explore level Circuit Driving events.

The Road to Mastery Explore events start with the basics, find out what all participants know already and fill in some blanks. Foundational techniques, cornering stability and a first foray into the complex world of racing lines are order of the day. We’ll build your confidence whilst helping you recalibrate yourself to the higher speeds and significant ‘g’ loadings experienced in circuit driving.

Whilst the heavier braking and continuous high-intensity cornering will be new to you and wear-and-tear may be a concern, your coaches will help you understand how to manage your car and avoid unnecessary abuse.

Although Hone level events are better suited to certain cars and drivers, our circuit-based Explore events are an excellent place to develop road and limit handling techniques in a cross-disciplinary fashion. Just because you’re on the track, it doesn’t mean you have to go chasing lap time!


Once you’ve got to grips with the basics of circuit driving, you’re ready for Hone. These events are almost exclusively hosted at Blyton Park and for one good reason. This is all about training through repetition with minor adjustments as the day progresses. The calm atmosphere, limited number of cars on track and easy-to-learn layout takes the stress out of pushing your comfort zone. Additionally, the layout is very open with good visibility across the whole circuit which provides an opportunity to see how others are getting on and increases safety. 

The majority of your circuit-based development will sit firmly within the polishing, or honing, arena so you’ll want to keep coming back for more of our most popular Circuit Driving event level: Hone.

The main purpose of these events is to give you continually more knowledge, experience and ownership of the techniques taught so that you can supplement this training with your own trackdays more local to your home. Of course, we are happy to accompany you on some of these, but, when you’re ready, we’ll invite you to our Master level Circuit Driving events.


Our Master level events are all about extracting the last 5-10% out of your driving. We’re talking about chasing the illusive perfect lap. Lap after lap! Honestly, this is where we truly wish many of our customers would get to as part of their driving journey.

To use a martial arts analogy, entry to Master is like earning your black belt. The real learning starts here. We can take you from competent track driver to semi-professional racer level and beyond – whether you want to race or not, your ability to lap any circuit and be on the pace is what this is all about. In racing terminology, we’ll help you get to your car’s ‘nine tenths’ and upwards.

Not immediately obvious, but clear upon reflection, the intensity experienced both for car and driver is not trivial. Your personal fitness, attitude and what car you choose to use must all undergo careful consideration and may require additional time and money to maximise your progression.

If this sounds daunting, don’t fear, we can help you with all of this and then some.

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