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Taster Sessions Overview

At The Road to Mastery, we deliver driver development over the long term. Our principal offering consists of Driver Development Packages comprising several events across a year. These represent a commitment, so perhaps you’d like to trial what we do before taking the plunge? Less focused than the Explore, Hone and Master levels of our core events, we offer Taster Sessions at Discover level.  You can also sample some of our core events at Explore level or enjoy bespoke events via various car clubs.

Our Taster Sessions have been conceived as a taster menu for our fuller range with the driver development toned down and the thrills turned up. These Discover events are a day out that you’ll want to tell your friends about! Taster Sessions make a superb driving gift and may satisfy some drivers as a once or twice a year development session.

Usually based at Millbrook, our Discover events bring elements of our individual Performance RoadLimit Handling and Circuit Driving events together with a few extras to provide healthy doses of adrenaline, excitement and exclusivity to reflect some of our most coveted events.

When and where are our Taster Sessions?

We run our Discover events periodically and they are usually based at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire.

If you are interested in our Taster Sessions, but you can’t see one that you are able to attend (or all available dates are fully booked) do feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to keep you up to date with future Discover events as and when we schedule them to give you a chance to secure a space.

Need more info...

If you want to know more including what you’ll do and how our Discover events are run, email or call us so we can fill you in.

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'Discover' The Road to Mastery

Book on to one of our Discover events and sample The Road to Mastery.

These Taster Sessions are in high demand so get in touch to secure your space.

Wanting a bit more depth?

If you’re serious about becoming a better driver and truly value your personal development, you’ll find that our annual packages are far better suited to you. Of course, we’d be delighted to welcome you on our Discover level Taster Sessions, but you’ll get much more from our Performance Road events and the Explore and Hone variants of our Limit Handling and Circuit Driving events. Some of our Explore events are available without buying our packages – they’re a mid step between our Taster Sessions and packages. Great as a sample or to top up!

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More about Explore, Hone and Master...

Our Performance Road events enjoy a level of uniformity which keeps cost and customer expectation fairly constant. Nevertheless, each event will be unique as we tailor topics to suit the needs and wants of the drivers present. It’s best to think of these events as polishing with the progress achieved being big steps or granular refinement based on your own personal ability. After all, we all drive on the road almost every day and very little will be completely ‘new’.

When it comes to reaching the limit of grip or driving on the track, things can be very alien the first time around and many of the topics covered are completely new to lots of drivers. This is why we offer different level variants for these events.

For more on what to expect from ExploreHone and Master, please look at our individual event pages…

Perhaps you'd prefer a Package?

If you have already enjoyed one of our Discover events or will definitely want more than some tips and a few thrills, it’s best to jump straight into one of our packages.

Bronze packages are stripped-out to the minimum so you can channel maximum available funds towards driver development only.

Silver packages introduce comfortable, characterful accommodation to bookend each event as well as a step up in lunch venue and a few exclusive extras.

Gold packages make luxury ‘standard’ and introduce money-can’t-buy extras as well as access to gold-only events.

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Looking for advice?

Our website is full of information and will give you a good feel for us, our packages and our events. Even so, a true human connection and advice tailored to you, personally, are fundamental to everything that we do. Whether you can’t be bothered to read all our bumph or prefer to ask questions, we’ll be delighted to speak with you directly or respond to an email if you’d prefer that.

Please get in touch so we can discuss your personal goals and requirements and guide you to the most appropriate package for you.