high performance driver training

Tailored Driver Development for the Long Term

Unlike conventional one-to-one driver training or, indeed, thrill-based driving experiences, The Road to Mastery embraces a multi-influence, long-term commitment to furthering your driving. We will work with you individually to meet your needs and help you achieve consecutive goals as we accompany you on your own personal journey towards driving mastery. Whilst in-car coaching is always one-to-one, our events will have several drivers and multiple coaches to provoke discussion and explore hidden depth not found elsewhere.

We offer three classes of Driver Development Package: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Packages are a combination of the quantity of development you wish to undertake during the year, the type of event and the frills, or luxury, you wish to surround these events with. Our events are not defined ‘courses’, nor are they simply something to attend. The Road to Mastery events are different single or multi-day frameworks through which you will meet like-minded driving enthusiasts, work on specific areas of your driving and continue your path towards true mastery. Attending the same type of event format several times does not mean repeating what you did last time!

Matching Levels of Ability

We don’t have a ‘one size fits nobody’ approach. We don’t run our events and training on a pass/fail basis, either. The Road to Mastery is not the same for everyone. Everybody’s driving journey is different, yet we have much overlap with like-minded souls at some time or another. Whilst some of our events can easily accommodate a varied level of ability, others are most valuable when the level of event content and participants are fairly evenly matched. On this basis, our Limit Handing and Circuit Driving events are offered at three levels: Explore, Hone and Master.

Use of Millbrook Proving Ground’s varied facilities or any closed circuit will be adapted by your coaches to suit each and every participant whilst in your cars. By contrast, any theory sessions and the depth into which we discuss topics as a group will be shared and tuned to the appropriate level for the group. Our event levels are explained here:


If you are new to driving at the limit or are concerned about the idea of approaching it either on track or elsewhere, Explore is for you.

This is very much the point of entry to our Millbrook-based Limit Handling and Blyton Park-based Circuit Driving activities. Simply put, this is your chance to explore the unfamiliar sensations felt when cornering at higher intensity and near, or at, the limit of grip.

We’ll start with the basics, find out what all participants know already and fill in some blanks. Explore is a great foundation for what’s to come and will build confidence in relative safety whilst tidying up a few of those bad habits you’re bound to tell us about.


Once you’ve got to grips with the basics of, err, grip and circuit driving, you’re ready for Hone.

At this level, you’ll start evolving basic skills and understanding into finesse and the art of driving. Don’t be put off if we encourage you to spend more time at this level than you may expect or wish to. Indeed the majority of driver development sits firmly within the polishing, or honing, arena.

These events were conceived and built with fine attention to detail to ensure you get the maximum opportunity to start truly owning what we’ve been teaching you. Soon enough, you won’t need us for the bits we’ve worked on together already!


This is where we truly wish our customers would all get to. To use a martial arts analogy, entry to Master is like earning your black belt. The real learning starts here!

Our Master level events are all about extracting the last 5-10% out of your driving. We’re talking about chasing the illusive perfection.

As with any skill, initial progress is quick and exponential. Then things become fairly steady in how you progress and you’ll find that your development starts to level off, or plateau. At least, temporarily.

It’s in these final stages that you truly become an artist of the craft rather than, simply, a trained or skilled individual.

high performance driver training

Our Driver Development Packages

Gold Class

For those who want the very best and on a regular basis, our Gold packages include maximum flexibility to book yourself on to our core events with priority booking for our sought-after multi-day Drivers’ Club events.

With fine dining and the best hotels, you’ll have all the bells and whistles and the option to cancel the odd event at short notice should something urgent come up. We even throw in a few exclusive extras to boot!

Silver Class

Our most popular Driver Development Packages by some margin, Silver will give you access to our intensive packages as well as some Drivers’ Club events reserved exclusively for Silver and Gold customers.

Good food and comfortable accommodation punctuate and bookend each day on road, track or proving ground. Silver events sometimes include some surprise vehicles. Go on, treat yourself, both you and your car deserve it!

Bronze Class

Whilst Bronze and Bronze Plus packages are our entry-level range they include at least two of our class-leading events across a year. Providing the option to include some accommodation or not, you can choose whether you direct funds towards hotels and luxuries or channel everything into your personal development.

Bronze customers make up a large proportion of our most dedicated students.