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Our Team in TV and Print

Beyond The Road to Mastery events, our coaches can also be found on television and in the print media. Rob Colbourn has been featured in several marque-specific motoring magazines over the years. Members of their editorial teams have been out for a day on the road with him to polish their skills. Neil Furber has held several regular contributor slots as a driving expert, found on the prestige and sports car shelf of your local news stand. And Abbie Eaton – well, she needs no introduction. Holding the job we all want to have, she replaced the anonymous Top Gear test driver – known as The Stig – to provide the timed laps on Amazon’s The Grand Tour when Clarkson, Hammond and May jumped ship. You can also watch her under pressure on the track in the female-only W Series single-seater championship as well as across YouTube.

Robert Colbourn

Whilst not an exhaustive list, here are some of Rob’s comments and reviews from the motoring press over the last decade:

“It’s better to have a plan you don’t need, than need a plan you don’t have”, a compelling statement [from Rob] when attributed to driver training.

GT Porsche – October 2012

“It’s a little like discovering there’s a secret world of advanced driving that you never knew about.”

(Simon Holmes describing his day with Rob)

BMW Car – May 2015

“Another inspiration for me is Bruce Lee.
Yes, the famous martial artist; he is the most complete example of a student I have ever come across. There are several great quotes from him that resonate with me as a driver, an instructor and a human being. One which perhaps resonated with me most:
“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, add what is uniquely your own.”

(Rob on his origins and driving philosophy)

Total 911 – Issue 189 (2020)

Neil Furber

Since 2017, Neil has been writing driving expert columns for a range of prestige and performance car magazine titles. Generally, these have involved being a contributor in consecutive issues for six months or more at a time.

Here are some of the titles in which his words of wisdom and technical insight have been published:

Magazine - BMW Car
Magazine - Retro Japanese
abbie eaton

Abbie Eaton

Our very likeable and down-to-earth driving celebrity, Abbie Eaton, has lent her voice, driving and eyes through a visor aperture to the hit TV series, The Grand Tour.

A dab hand at pushing unfamiliar cars to their limits, if you let her behind the wheel of your supercar, she’ll show you what it can really do on the track. That’s if she’s not filming or racing in the W Series with TV coverage provided by Sky Sports.

The Grand Tour Abbie Eaton
abbie eaton w series
abbie eaton eyes