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Frequently Asked Questions...

Generally, we provide you with a year’s worth of driver development rather than single days. You can buy a package comprising your choice of road, track or limit handling events and including different standards of food and accommodation. Alternatively, you can opt for a single taster session if you wish to try us out before committing to The Road to Mastery.

Our Bronze packages include our events stripped down to the driving with breakfast and lunch provided. Bronze Plus adds a hotel stay the night before. Silver packages include more comfortable accommodation both before and after each day with us and add some exclusive extras. Gold adds further luxuries, provides more flexibility and raises the standard of peripherals still further.

Gold, Silver and Bronze refer to everything around the driving, but don’t worry, all customers receive the same class-leading driver development even if the event formats vary.

Our packages vary in price depending on the specific option you pick. On the whole, Bronze core packages are cheaper than the Bronze Plus options (which include some accommodation). Silver and Gold packages are more expensive, but represent excellent value for money.

You can find starting prices for our packages on the individual pages found under our ‘Driver Development Packages’ in the site menu at the top of this page.

For specific prices for individual packages, please contact us so we can discuss your requirements and offer you the right package(s) to suit your goals and budget.

Yes, all of our events include lunch as well as a breakfast at the start whilst we plan for the day ahead. If you have any dietary requirements or wish to bring your own, please let us know.

We’ve built our packages with hotel and creature comfort requirements in mind. If you’re local enough to our events that you feel a hotel would be an unnecessary extravagance, you’ll love our Bronze packages. If distance is a concern, Bronze Plus includes a pleasant hotel for the night before. Silver and Gold include comfortable accommodation both before and after all event days for your convenience and to provide more time for informal and driving discussion.

In the main, you will need to bring your own car for our events. During certain events we make suitable cars available for individual elements. In some cases we may be able to offer you a suitable car if required or should yours have a mechanical issue on the way to or during an event.

The number of drivers present on our events varies depending on the nature of the event. For Performance Road, typically, there will be three or four drivers (occasionally just two). During Limit Handling and Circuit Driving events, usually, you’ll be sharing the venue with six to ten people with lower numbers for our more exclusive events.

Most of the time you will be with customers who have bought the same package class as your own with event level matched to your ability. Sometimes, Bronze customers will be able to attend the driving activity on a Silver event. Some Gold events will involve Silver customers, but if you are a Gold customer, you will have some exclusive elements just for you.

Whilst there is a trend for customers attending our Gold and Silver events to bring rarer, or more expensive machinery, the focus is always on the driving. To this end, we encourage you to bring different cars to different events (if you have more than one) in order to maximise your enjoyment and get more from each event. You could see the driver of a Mercedes estate learning to hold a slide on the same day that a McLaren, Lotus Elise and E30 M3 are present. If nothing else, our events present an opportunity to share our passion for different types of car and for you to learn more about individual drive types and how to manage varied performance.

Some of our Drivers’ Club events have a theme meaning that specific marques or vehicle types will be the order of the day.

We provide a top-level automotive photographer on some of our exclusive stand-alone events, but not on the majority of events forming part of a Driver Development Package.

During Performance Road events, you are welcome to bring a camera and take snaps of cars and people present on the day (with their permission) and you can use these for personal use (not commercial purposes without prior agreement). We do not allow video capture during road driving sessions unless pre-authorised with the company, mostly on the grounds of safety. We will be happy to explain any limitations imposed and explore individual cases.

During Circuit Driving events, again, you are welcome to bring cameras and can take snaps of general action and ambiance as for Performance Road events. Under certain circumstances, we are happy to allow video from inside the car, but must discuss this with you in advance.

At Millbrook (used for our Limit Handling events), cameras are prohibited by the site as a general rule due to the presence of high value prototype vehicles using the proving ground for development and secrecy. Under rare circumstances, there may be a possibility to film or capture activity from these events. Please speak to us in advance to discuss what you’d like to do.

In all cases, please speak to us in advance to avoid disappointment and enable us to make any provision to facilitate what you’d like to achieve.

high performance driver training

Our Driver Development Packages

Gold Class

For those who want the very best and on a regular basis, our Gold packages include maximum flexibility to book yourself on to our core events with priority booking for our sought-after multi-day Drivers’ Club events.

With fine dining and the best hotels, you’ll have all the bells and whistles and the option to cancel the odd event at short notice should something urgent come up. We even throw in a few exclusive extras to boot!

Silver Class

Our most popular Driver Development Packages by some margin, Silver will give you access to our intensive packages as well as some Drivers’ Club events reserved exclusively for Silver and Gold customers.

Good food and comfortable accommodation punctuate and bookend each day on road, track or proving ground. Silver events sometimes include some surprise vehicles. Go on, treat yourself, both you and your car deserve it!

Bronze Class

Whilst Bronze and Bronze Plus packages are our entry-level range they include at least two of our class-leading events across a year. Providing the option to include some accommodation or not, you can choose whether you direct funds towards hotels and luxuries or channel everything into your personal development.

Bronze customers make up a large proportion of our most dedicated students.

...And Some More Specific Questions

As a simple rule, yes. However, there are certain aspects of some of our events or particular mini-tasks where you will be alone in the car. This will be explained to you before or during the event as necessary.

From time to time it is worthwhile having some time alone in order to judge your progress and ensure that you have learned to ‘own’ a specific skillset.

For Performance Road events, you don’t need any specific protective gear – just comfortable clothes and suitable shoes for driving.

On our Circuit Driving events, you will require a helmet at all times. If you have your own open-face helmet suitable for auto racing, you are welcome to bring it. We can also provide helmets on the day for you to use.

At Millbrook or during other non-road activities not held at a race circuit, helmets are not required for the majority of driving activities, however, we do advise or mandate helmets for certain high speed/increased risk activities. If these are required, we will have suitable helmets available on the day.

Racesuits and fireproof underwear are not required if you are driving a road-going production car. Should you be attending an event with a circuit-only or competition vehicle we will advise you to wear full racewear. If we are providing track-focused vehicles during your event we will discuss with you in advance.

If your vehicle is of particularly high performance or is not a road-going production car, please let us know in advance of attending an event so that we can ensure our coaches have suitable protective gear with them if it will be required.

For the majority of circumstances where helmets are required, we will advise you to wear open-face variants to improve vision and make communication easier. If you are bringing (or will be using) a car with no windscreen or that is very open (such as a Caterham Seven) full-face helmets are preferable or required.

Please contact us ahead of the event if you wish to use a vehicle which is not a road-going production car with a windscreen. This will allow us to advise you on any helmet and clothing requirements and ensure that our driver coaches are suitably equipped also.

In general, our events are built around individual drivers, but on some occasions it is possible to accommodate guests. If you’d like to bring somebody along, please contact us so we can discuss this with you in advance. As a minimum, we must make arrangements for catering. In some cases, hotels must be advised and in others it simply isn’t possible.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the activities and locations visited, we cannot allow our customers to bring young children or pets.

In the unlikely event that any of these scenarios occur, we will discuss options with you on the day. As a general rule, we have at least one vehicle available for you to drive should yours be immobilised or no longer be fit to drive.

In the event of an accident, we will discuss specific options for you to carry on or come back another time after we have dealt with any immediate danger, injury or other issues. Vehicle insurance requirements and advice vary depending on the nature and location of the event you are attending. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements if you have any questions or concerns.

These type of events will involve increased use of tyres and brakes due to the nature of the activity. However, wherever possible, your performance driver coaches on the day will work with you to manage temperatures and stress seen by your car to avoid unnecessary damage.

The time of year and prevailing weather conditions will affect tyre wear for any at-the-limit driving during our Limit Handling events and we have options to wet the surface in some areas to vary both difficulty and wear-and-tear. We will communicate with you clearly ahead of these portions of our events to ensure you know what to expect.

As your ability increases with respect to circuit driving, you will wish to start braking later and spending more time at the limit of grip in corners. When you are reaching a certain level, we will discuss this with you privately and may advise certain minor upgrades to your vehicle or assist you with purchasing something suitable to allow you more room to progress.

Which of our events interest you most?

More Questions You May Have...

Our terms of business and cancellation/refund policy vary depending on whether you are attending a single event or wishing to move/cancel an event booking as part of a wider package.

Full terms of business including our cancellation/refund policy are included as part of any event or package purchase and are available upon request. Please contact us if you require this information ahead of making a purchase.

Many of our Circuit Driving events are based at Blyton Park, near Gainsborough (in Lincolnshire), but we run some events at other race circuits across the UK. Our Limit Handling events tend to be run from Millbrook Proving Ground (in Bedfordshire), but we have a small number of alternative venues for at-the-limit driving including Yorkshire and Cornwall for customers living at the extremes of the country.

By contrast, our Performance Road courses are run from varied locations to utilise different roads and local geography as well as to ease travel requirements for our customers. Some of our stand-alone Drivers’ Club events include movement around the country, different venues and even trips abroad! 

Individual events will show location on the event information available through our Event Calendar, but feel free to contact us to discuss locations and any of your geographical requirements.

Our Silver and Gold events make use of hotels and venues with private or suitable parking to keep any risk to your car at a minimum.

For Bronze Plus customers and the Bronze Ultra package, every effort has gone into providing the best parking options that we can, but the nature of the hotels included make this more challenging.

Our exclusive Drivers’ Club events include Driver Training Roadtrips to the French Alps. You can find more information about these via the Alpine Roadtrips page listed under ‘Our Events’ in the site menu at the top of this page. Specific event format and what is included varies depending on what class of package you have.

The Road to Mastery provides driver development in a class of its own. Simply put, driving experiences and coaching provided by individual driver coaches don’t provide fair comparison to what we offer.

Certainly, our packages and individual events are not cheap, but they represent very good value and have been built to offer a range of specification. Where our offering varies from the rest of the driver coaching industry and most driving experiences is in the comprehensive nature of our events and the industry-leading, multi-influence coaching helping you to develop faster and with greater depth to your driving.

We appreciate that our packages represent a significant expenditure, but suggest you get in touch with us directly to discuss your goals and requirements to see if we can offer something that is the right fit for you personally.

Our featured guest coaches bring an added wealth of experience and specialism to our events. Whilst some of our guest coaches are present on many of our events, some are highly-specialised or bring something truly unique and appropriate for a specific event.

We don’t offer the opportunity to request a specific coach attends a given event (except as part of a bespoke Gold event). During most events, you’ll have the chance to sit alongside and learn something from each coach present on the day. Under certain circumstances, you will receive coaching from the most appropriate coaches for your needs or we can offer the option to request a specific coach on the day.

Generally, we don’t publish which coaches will be present on a scheduled event, but can speak to you privately should this be of importance to you.

Still Looking for Answers?

If you have more questions on what we do, how we do it and how we can assist you in your driver development journey, please do get in touch and we’ll be delighted to speak with you. Whether you’re looking for advice, want to know more about our packages and events or simply want to chat to us about driving, just gives us a call.