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High Performance Driver Training Packages

At The Road to Mastery, we provide high performance driver training as an annual package with a minimum of two events during a year. This ensures you’ll have time and opportunity to learn, reflect and revisit topics as required to internalise new skills and refine your habits. Our annual packages are offered in three classes: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Each class offers a menu of specific event combinations to suit your goals and requirements. With Performance RoadLimit Handling and/or Circuit Driving events, there’s something for almost everyone! Every event starts with breakfast so drivers and coaches can discuss the day ahead and plan the day’s activity. All events include lunch to provide a welcome break to driving activity and promise to be both engaging and great fun.

A detailed comparison of our different high performance driver training package classes can be found below, but here’s a whistle-stop tour: Bronze packages are built to a Lotus ethos; if it’s not essential, it isn’t there! Silver adds comfort and exclusivity; you’ll find hotels, food and frills befitting our events. Gold adds further luxury as some events become bespoke; these are for drivers who want the very best and a further personalised touch.

Bronze Packages - from £2,495

Bronze Driver Development Packages represent our stripped-out range. They have been devised for drivers wishing to channel funds primarily towards their development and keep unnecessary expense to a minimum.

All Bronze packages include:

– At least two events from our Bronze range

– One-to-one coaching throughout each day

– Multiple industry-leading coaches

– Breakfast and lunch on each day

– Group debrief discussion providing greater depth

– Access to The Road to Mastery Drivers’ Club

Bronze Plus are an upgrade on our Bronze packages and also include:

– Pleasant accommodation and an evening meal the night before each event

Silver Packages - from £3,295

Silver packages are our most popular as they include hotels, food and frills befitting our events. They also feature some exclusive extras and opportunities to drive additional cars.

All Silver packages include:

– At least two events from our Silver range

– One-to-one coaching throughout each day

– Multiple industry-leading coaches

Silver packages build upon the foundation of Bronze packages and also include:

– Characterful 3-4 star accommodation both before and after each event day

– Evening meals the night before and after each event day (hosted by your driver coaches)

– A chance for deeper discussion of the day’s driving activity and the opportunity to get to know the coaches and other drivers in the evenings

– The Goldmine of Nuance TM session (on Performance Road events)

– Exclusive extras and opportunity to drive additional cars.

– Invitation to multi-day events from our exclusive Drivers’ Club

– Parking suitable for the cars brought by the majority of our customers

Gold Packages - POA

Gold forms a combination of our Silver packages (with a few extra luxuries) and some truly bespoke events.

Our Gold packages will be formally launched early 2025.

Should you feel that the Gold package is probably the right fit for you, personally, please do get in touch to register your interest.

If there is suitable interest before the formal launch of our Gold packages, we’d be delighted to invite you to any pre-launch events.

High Performance Prices...

Most definitely, our high performance driver training packages cannot be described as ‘cheap’. They should be considered a significant purchase, however, they do represent excellent value. In order to provide context, for a full day’s 1:1 instruction on a decent trackday with a reasonable coach, you’ll often not get much change out of a thousand quid. And that’s before you start looking at a hotel for the night or food! The majority of our packages include exclusive hire of Blyton Park and/or widespread access to the inside of Millbrook Proving Ground. These provide plenty over and above the average trackday. Plus, you can’t just turn up to Millbrook and ask to have a go!

Furthermore, it’s important to recognise that our packages comprise a minimum of two individual events and provide one-to-one training from multiple industry-leading coaches to help you progress faster and enjoy greater depth. All include at least a decent breakfast and hearty lunch as well as, generally, running longer than your average day of driver training. Of course, most of our packages include fitting accommodation and some extras that you’ll not find elsewhere!

If you’d like to discuss our packages in more detail and understand more about the value they provide, please contact us.

Our Bronze Packages - from £2,495

– Bronze Track Duo*

– Bronze Limit Duo*

– Bronze Track Trio*

– Bronze Limit Trio*

– Bronze All-Rounder*

– Bronze Ultra

*Available as Bronze Plus

Plus packages include a hotel for the night before

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And a few extras...

Our Bronze customers will receive invitations to some of our much coveted Drivers’ Club events offering varied theme and location. Some of these events include accommodation and food and are offered in line with our more exclusive Silver packages.

Every so often, you’ll be glad to treat yourself (and your car) to some of life’s luxuries and gain exclusive access to some of The Road to Mastery’s best-kept secrets…

Our Silver Packages - from £3,295

– Silver Track Duo

– Silver Limit Duo

– Silver Track Trio

– Silver Limit Trio

– Silver All-Rounder

– Silver Ultra

– Silver Track Intensive

– Silver Road Intensive

– Silver At-The-Limit

All Silver packages include meals and accommodation

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Exclusivity starts here...

All Silver packages include comfortable, characterful hotels as well as meals and drinks as standard. Silver customers can access driver development packages not offered at Bronze level and will enjoy some surprise enhancements to make each event truly memorable.

You’ll also be invited to the majority of additional Drivers’ Club events of which most are only available to Silver and Gold customers.

Our High Performance Driver Training Events in Detail: