Lotus Drivers' Driving Skills Day - 9th May 2023 - Blyton Park (Lincolnshire)

The Event at a Glance…

– Structured driving skills day including theory, 1:1 coached driving sessions and more…

– Learn or polish your weight transfer, steering with the throttle and high performance braking

– Exclusive access to skills zones with just 4 cars on track at any one time to maximise your development

– 1:1 coaching provided by industry-leading coaches for all sessions

– Three tracks/layouts used through the day to cover specific skills

– No pressure to ‘thrash’ your car, but no drivers held back

– Lunch and refreshments included and helmets provided where necessary

NB: This event is not a typical ‘trackday’ despite using the facilities at Blyton Park. We have exclusive use of the circuit and no desire to cause undue wear and tear to the cars present. Think of it as an opportunity to explore the car’s full capability in a safe environment with the assistance of several top coaches. Saying that, for any drivers wishing to push on, we’ll not hold you back!

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